Personal Business Development

Tools we use.

Assessment & Development Centres

We have many years experience in running assessment and development centres and pride ourselves on taking a less conventional approach.

Many traditional centres allow participants to modify their likely behaviours from those in the real world. We have access to over 50 activities that are all designed to provide the opportunity for your participants to demonstrate their real abilities.

We will carefully match your requirements with our activities and create new ones if necessary. Our success is achieved by removing the feeling of being "staged" just for the assessment process.

In addition we are able to offer everything up to and including fully resourced solutions. We have a wide range of observers available and are also able to provide feedback reports and meetings with participants where required.

If you would like to build the capability to run centres in your organisation we can also train your people to be observers.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning allows us to create a very effective link between theoretical learning and how to apply that learning back at work.

Development should be something that enables your people to make noticeable changes to the way they behave. The result being, you save time, reduce effort and cost through thinking smarter about the way you do things.

The experiential element of our business can be provided in many different ways, whether that be indoors or outside. When choosing a venue for your event we are happy to offer advice and suggestions. For some projects we may even design a certain venue provider into our solution and will ensure our reasons for doing so are clearly explained.

We have a partnership with an Experiential Learning Centre in the South East of England and have experience of using a vast array of other venues whether they are in UK or mainland Europe and recognise all the benefits different venues and activities can bring.

Psychometric Tests; Personality Questionnaires and Aptitude Testing

You might want help in selecting candidates or assessing people?s potential for senior management. There are many psychometric tools to choose from, and at first glance selecting the right one for your project may appear like an art.

In reality their usefulness in different situations is simple enough once we understand what you are aiming to achieve. One this is clear we can offer feedback that "lives" and can be interpreted in a way that is truly meaningful.

We will only ever suggest using a psychometric tool if appropriate and will be able to demonstrate its validity for your project.


Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Insights (DISC)

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32)

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

360 Feedback

Perspectives of Management Competence

Inventory of Management Competence


SHL Ability Tests

OPP Able Tests


Belbin's Team Roles

Emotional Intelligence Profile

If you are interested in using another instrument please ask us. One of our people is bound to have used it and will be able to offer some advice.